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Charity Presentation Guidelines

You’ve got 5 minutes to MAKE YOUR PRESENTATION so make it COUNT!:

Whether you are the founder, a volunteer or a donor that is hands off, if you are going to be the representative to present your charity to the group, you need to know what your charity does and how it does it. In a matter of 5 minutes you must be able to tell what your charity does, what kind of impact your charity will make and what your charity will  do with the donation. The members are committed to Hops for Humanity BECAUSE of the simplicity, the quick decisiveness and the camaraderie of seeing all the great work in our community. Use the time you have been given to make a huge impact. Even if your charity is not chosen that night, you have made your presentation to change makers within Elmhurst and surrounding communities.....use it wisely.

Know the facts!

Practice your elevator speech. You should be able to tell the story of the work your charity does in under 1 minute. Drawn out explanations lose people easily. Write down what they do, how they do it and who is affected. Then wrap that around a few sentences and voila! You’ve got your presentation. If an organization is drawn that you are a part of and you don’t feel confident to be able to clearly and concisely convey the message, pass this time and brush up on the organization you are involved in so you can make a solid presentation. Sometimes if there isn’t clarity it can do more to hurt the organization you are trying to help by confusing those that are hearing about it for the first time.

Tell the HEART story!

Be sure to think of a way to tie in a personal story of those you impact with the work your charity does so that the group has a very clear understanding and can make a connection to that work. As you prepare, write down WHY you are involved.  Why does it matter to you and what positive changes have you seen your charity make in the community.  If it matters to you, it will probably matter to someone else. Write down a short story of how the work of your charity makes an impact in the community and time it...get it under one minute and PRACTICE it.

Show them the MONEY!

Where will the money go! The people in the room are ready to make a wise choice about where they donate. Those that struggle to define where the group's money will go will find that the group may not choose their charity. Detailed financial statements are not necessary. However, a strong description of what the funds will support is helpful. Taking the time to describe where the money will go will pay off in the long run and will give you the confidence to stand up and make your presentation to the group. If you don’t explain everything during your presentation, the group will ask in the Q & A, and you will still have to have an answer. 

Use the Nomination Form to help prepare

If your name and nominated charity are selected at the meeting, you will make a five minute presentation to the group. Come prepared! Making your case for support in the short time allowed takes some planning. Your presentation should be simple and not overly formal, but should give members enough information to make a decision.

Use this form as a guide for suggestions to prepare you for your presentation (you can print it by clicking on "Nomination Form" below). It is also helpful to think about what YOU would want to hear to make a decision about other nominated charities.      

Nomination Form

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