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Hops for Humanity was founded by Patrick and Julie Sheehan in 2014. Pat has been a brewer of craft beer for nearly twenty years and introduced Julie to brewing beer in 2008.

Pat has lived in Elmhurst since 1987 and Julie has lived in Elmhurst since 1998. Pat and Julie began looking for a way to give back to Elmhurst and the surrounding communities. They were also looking for a way to pair their love of beer with their desire to give back to the community. Pat approached his friends, also beer lovers and brewers, with the idea for Hops for Humanity. These friends have become the founding board members. Together, Hops for Humanity was born.

The idea behind Hops for Humanity is quite simple.  Four times per year, the members of Hops for Humanity are invited to an event at a local restaurant or brewery.  Each member donates $100 to attend each event. At every event, three charities are presented to the membership who then vote for one of the three charities. The selected charity will receive the money that was donated to Hops for Humanity that evening.

During each event, Hops for Humanity will serve unique or reserve beer to our members from breweries you may not have heard of before. This beer will be unique and will not be something you will find at your local pub. If we are lucky enough, the brewer may attend the event and provide a personalized tasting. The intention is to enjoy excellent and unique craft beer while doing good for the community.

In fact, Hops for Humanity’s mission statement is “Good Beer Doing Good.”

In fact, Hops for Humanity’s mission statement is “Good Beer Doing Good.”

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