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Results from our "how far will you travel?" poll

May 05, 2015 2:28 PM | Jim Worden

Elmhurst Area Only: 6     Answers include:  Elmhurst area only 3X/year and 5-10 miles 1X/year

5-10 Miles: 18   Answers include:  will go to Lagunitas, will go to Naperville

10-15 Miles: 40   Answers include: 10-15 miles PLUS, 30+ miles, "I'll go anywhere", "to the ends of the Earth" and "wherever"

Several were without a response…. but that's what we have.

So how about that?!  Our members sure do love their craft beer and going to cool places!  This poll really opens up our location possibilities.  Please feel free to make additional comment or suggestions!

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