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Event Photographs


Thank you to our Spring 2019 event host Doc's Victory Pub with beer provided by Alter Brewing Co.

Thank you to Hops For Humanity member Larry Studer for presenting this great organization.  The Food Pantry narrowly edged out our evenings' other two nominees: Childs' Voice and Project Mobility, presented by Rick Smurawski and Apoor Gami.

Elmhurst-Yorkfield Food Pantry provides food, compassion, and hope to those unemployed or under employed and finding it difficult to make ends meet, single parents with little or no support, senior citizens on fixed incomes, those with disabilities, and those dealing with medical issues. 

Alter Brewing brought an all-star lineup of craft beers, including the exclusive and coveted Denim Viper Triple IPA, along with Center Line Golden Ale & Alterior Motive Amerian IPA.  Thanks to Tara, from Alter Brewing, for bringing to life the virtues of Alter. 

A kind thanks to Tony Gambino and Doc's Victory Pub for hosting our event. What a great space to enjoy good beer and good food with friends!

October 29, 2018 - Let It Be Us - Young Professional Group

Thank you to our Fall 2018 event host Lagunitas Brewing Company with gourmet food provided by Dietz & Watson.  

October's event was filled with great presentations from local charities, six live auctions and a raffle which included a wheelbarrow of beer. 

Charities presented to our membership, providing attendees with the information -needed to select their desired deserving charity.  We heard from Toma Dobrosavljevic presenting the National Association of Park Foundations, Matt Matusiak presenting the Youth Camp Association and Patrick Noonan presenting Let It Be Us - Young Professionals Group.

Check out the following link to the article from the Elmhurst Independent from the check presentation.

Elmhurst Independent

Summer 2018 Event Winner: No Frills Fun Run

Presented by Hops For Humanity member Pete Dolan, No Frills Fun Run was voted on by our membership to receive Monday's donation.  

No Frills Fun Run is an annual run started in 2012.  Each year, one local family in need is selected to receive 100% of proceeds from all funds raised across various fundraising events.  

HopsForHumanity's $10,000 contribution is SIGNIFICANT for this organization, representing nearly 15% of their annual fund.

Spring 2018 Event Winner: The GardenWorks Project


A warm congratulations to winning charity The GardenWorks Project.  Our contribution of $8,500 represents nearly 10% of their annual budget  Among their services, The GardenWorks Project provides home gardening programs for food insecure families and partners with food pantries & social service organizations to identify families interested in growing their own food.

Thanks to Manny's Ale House for hosting & for Manny generously donating the great craft beer from Capital Brewery.  Supper Club & Maibock were refreshing spring brews, and Barrel-Aged Fishin' in the Dark was mysteriously good!  Thanks to Head Brewer Ashley Kinart for generously donating cases of limited release ales & lagers while sharing her story of Capital Brewery.

Please support & learn more about the other nominated organizations, Elmhurst Symphony and Family Life Development Foundation.

Winter 2018 Event Winner: Little City

A warm congratulations to winning charity, Little City, presented by Hops for Humanity member John Jevitz.  Little City is dedicated to serving children and adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities by providing the best options and opportunities to live safely, learn continuously, explore creatively and work productively throughout their lifetime.

We are grateful for the presentations from Nilesh Reshamwala for Allow Good and Don Woznica for Community Health as our two other nominated charities.  Please support these organizations as they align with your personal charitable goals!

Thanks to Pints in Elmhurst for hosting our January event  and Seery Athlone for providing their craft beer. 

Fall 2017 Event Winner: Fill a Heart 4 Kids

Fill a Heart 4 Kids' "Mission"... is to help our vulnerable homeless youths and nearly forgotten foster children living in institutions to feel loved and remembered.   

Fill a Heart 4 Kids' "Vision"... is for our homeless and foster children to feel loved and to move forward with confidence, self esteem and a purpose in life.

How We Show Them "We Care"... Our We Care Packages and loving cards that are packed by our "We Care" Community gives at-risk kids hope! Our Community does everything possible to help these precious kids feel valued, loved and respected.

Here is a link to the newspaper article:  Elmhurst Independent

Summer 2017 Event Winner: Ray Graham Association

Congratulations to winning charity, the Ray Graham Association, presented by Hops for Humanity member John Jevitz.  Benefiting their group home in Villa Park, the Hops for Humanity donation will be used to help 'Empower those with Disabilities'.  We look forward to hearing from Ray Graham at our October 16th event at Skeleton Key Brewery. 

Thanks to Yoli Alvin for presenting The Alyssa Alvin Foundation for Hope and Jeff Budgell for presenting the Elmhurst Centre for Performing Arts.  It was great to learn more about those organizations.

Thank you to July event host Shoeless Joe's in Addison and beer sponsor Scorched Earth Brewing Co.  

Spring 2017 Event winner: Elmhurst Yorkfield Food Pantry

Congratulations to the Elmhurst Yorkfield Food Pantry. The purpose of the Elmhurst-Yorkfield Food Pantry is for the charitable distribution of food for the relief of hunger to our neighbors in Elmhurst and the surrounding communities. The biggest take away from Monday night - every $1.00 donation is worth $8.00. So with the roughly $10,000 donation from Hops for Humanity, the food pantry can purchase $80,000 in food to feed those in need. Its crazy how many people and families we are helping!


Congratulations to We Grow Dreams, Hops for Humanity presented them with a check for $10,600 on February 6, at Red Arrow Tap Room.

Here is a link to a recent article in the Tribune - Hops Donation

Fall 2016 Event Winner: DuPage Senior Citizens Council 

Thanks to David Tufte for presenting the Farther Foundation and Jeff Budgell for presenting the Elmhurst Center for the Performing Arts. Nominated and presented by Karen McClure, Dupage Senior Citizens Council was October's winning local 501c3 charity.

Since 1975, the DuPage Senior Citizens Council has been providing a variety of programs Since 1975, the DuPage Senior Citizens Council has been providing a variety of programs and services to help seniors live safely in their homes and provide them the opportunity to maintain their well being. On November 15th, Hops for Humanity presented a $10,000 check to the DuPage Senior Citizens Council. The Council provides meals to 4,000 senior citizens in-need throughout DuPage County with its Meals on Wheels program and Community Dining meals. Additionally the Council provides over 1,100 Senior Chore days to the community.

View Thank You Letter

Summer 2016 Event Winner: Alyssa Alvin Foundation

Nominated and presented by Kevin McDermott, the Alyssa Alvin Foundation of Hope will receive the donations from this event.  The foundation provides an opportunity for kids and young adults to explore interests in music and visual arts while undergoing cancer treatments.  The joy brought to Alyssa from music and art during her cancer treatments was the inspiration for the foundation.  We look forward to hearing more about the use of our donation at the October 17th Hops for Humanity event. 

Thanks to Sarah Richardt for presenting Lombard Historical Society and Patrick Sheehan for presenting Liv for a Cure.                     

Check out the article in the Elmhurst Independent 

Alter Brewing Company, Downers Grove

July 11, 2016

Spring 2016 Event Winner: Elmhurst Lion Club

Exit Strategy, Forest Park

Thanks to Doug McConnell for presenting A Long Swim,  Jim Worden for presenting Lions Elmhurst, and Susan McConnell for presenting Let It Be Us.  It is truly humbling to learn about the many deserving local charities that can benefit from our collective giving.  Our members chose Elmhurst Lions Club as the winner! The Elmhurst Lions Club has been a part of the Elmhurst Community since 1940.  In addition to helping  those individuals with sight and hearing disabilities, the Elmhurst Lions Club has partnered with Elmhurst Memorial Hospital on a new Diabetes Prevention Program as well as providing scholarships to local students and helping where needed throughout the community. 

 Check out the article in My Suburban Life

Winter 2016 Event Winner: SurvivorVision

Member Craig Summerfield presented the charity Great Lakes Lab Rescue and member Ginger Wade presented the charity People for Elmhurst Parks.  Member Julia Stepenske presented the charity Survivorvision, and our members chose that charity as the winner!  Survivorvision empowers survivors of childhood cancer by raising awareness on policy issues and through the funding of follow-up studies, support services and the distribution of educational resources.

Check out the front page article in the Elmhurst Independent

HB Jones, Elmhurst, Lombard 

Fall 2015 Event Winner: Children’s Oncology Services

Hops group gives to Children’s Oncology Services

“Hops for Humanity,” a philanthropic effort, which gives sizeable donations of $10,000 or more to local area charities, recently met to present its fall contribution to Children’s Oncology Services, Inc. The not-for-profit agency operates a camp for children with cancer, which allows interaction with other young people fighting cancer. Pictured are (back row, from left): Michael Williams, Patrick Sheehan, Jon Leiman, Jim Maguire, Mike Trajcevski; (front row): Julie Miller Sheehan, Patty Worden, Sam DeSimone, Kerry Leiman, Jeff Infensino, Denise Powell. The effort allows individuals to contribute $100 toward a cause, selected by a vote of the entire group, and leverage that donation into $10,000 or more.

photo by Dee Longfellow 

The Beer House, Lombard 

Summer 2015 Event Winner: Let It Be Us

New Member Susan McConnell presented the charity Let It Be Us, and our members chose that charity as the winner of the money we raised at the event. Member Jim Worden presented the charity Elmhurst Lions Club and Member Scott Glossner presented the charity DuPage PADS.   

Let It Be Us is a nonprofit dedicated to building awareness and inspiring the care and adoption of children within the foster care system. 

Spring 2015 Event

Elmhurst Independent Newspaper Article

Hops Article - Independent 04-22-15

Inaugural event at the Snuggery: January 12, 2015

We were fortunate to have Kirsten Kuhlmann of Coffee Cup Productions there that evening to capture not only photos of the event but a video as well.  Below is a link to an awesome video from the evening posted on YouTube.

Hops for Humanity YouTube Video

If you like the photos or the video, here a link to Coffee Cup Productions' website:  

Coffee Cup Productions

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